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Quora: “What is the harshest Indian language?”

Today I was just scrolling my screen on quora page. I just saw a question asking “What is the harshest Indian language?” and a person to whom I follow “Gopalkrishna Vishwanath” , I respect him, have answered this question. His answer was as follows in his own words.

“My vote for the harshest language and also the worst tongue twisters, making it most difficult to pronounce correctly, would go to Sanskrit.

Of course, no disrespect to this great language is intended. I revere this language.

In my opinion if you can intone Sanskrit Shlokas correctly, there is no Indian language you will not be able to pronounce”

After some readers have taken this as negative to the great language he further added.

“Some readers have taken exception to my terming Sanskrit as a “harsh” language.

I have already mentioned in my second last line that I revere this great language and mean no disrespect.  The word ‘harsh’ has different meanings. I did not mean it in any negative way.

I meant to use ‘harsh’ to mean ‘stern’, ‘strict’ ‘severe’ ‘stringent’ ‘firm’ ‘rigorous’ ‘uncompromising’ ‘inflexible’, ‘unrelenting’ ‘hard to learn’

I did not mean to say “grating’ ‘jarring’ ‘rasping’ ‘strident’ ‘raucous’ ‘brassy’ ‘ear-piercing’ ‘discordant’, ‘disagreeable’ ‘unmelodious’ ‘cacophonous’

Thanks to the thesaurus for help in making this clarification.”

Although I was in one on them to take a stand that Sanskrit is not most harsh language .

I have written a reply to him. Have a look !

“Dear Sir, I do not know whether you have ever learn this great language or ever studied in your school or college. As I have studied this great language , I consider it is the most melodious language which can give a kind of feeling of peace and calmness. Respectfully, I was shocked by your response sir ! but somehow your clarification works. It has perfect grammar, easy to learn, easy to speak , if you know the sandhi -vichhed, samaas and other tools of the language. Have a look on this shloka sir! This one is from Madhurastakam (Sung for Lord Krishna)

अधरं मधुरं वदनं मधुरं नयनं मधुरं हसितं मधुरम् ।
हृदयं मधुरं गमनं मधुरं मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरम् ॥

adharaḿ madhuraḿ vadanaḿ madhuraḿ

nayanaḿ madhuraḿ hasitaḿ madhuraḿ

hṛdayaḿ madhuraḿ gamanaḿ madhuraḿ

madhurādhi-pater akhilaḿ madhuraḿ.

Try to pronounce it, sir! Amazing? yeah It is.

Having said this , If you are referring to Vedic literature then of course it is not easy to learn and to speak, but when someone recites any Richa ( shloka ) of Veda , the sound just goes in our heart through our ears. This is the sweetness and melodiness and simplicity of Sanskrit , the language of God itself- Dev Vani. Although I do not agree with you on this answer but I respect you Sir!

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Evelyn Beatrice Hall ( In his book The Friends of Voltaire) ”

What you all think about it?


Anniversary: 1 year 12 posts

Hey mates,

…atr here.

First of all I want to thank WordPress group for reminding me the special day when I started this blog a year ago. I remember that night when I devoted my whole time for this work and it was about 5 am when this was done. The kind of satisfaction I felt was worth living. Although I have one blog “atr’s poetry” with address  but as the name suggests it was committed to my poetry only , so the new one is created , this time on WordPress. I have posted the contents an average of 1 post per month , ‘ll increase this.

Much more to do guys. Thanks for being with.

“Koi Fariyaad Tere Dil Mein”

Hi all,

…atr here

Guys today , don’t know why, but I am feeling  very lonely as if I have lost something, someone special or more than that. Obviously I am not pessimist  but today my heart (being a poet , my heart speaks ) is in a deep darkness and the unfortunate thing is that I don’t even know what the reason is!

Yes I was listening  “Koi Fariyaad Tere Dil Mein” Written by Faaiz Anwar and sung by the legendary Jagjit Singh is one of the most beautiful Ghazals. Here is it’s translation:

As if some request is hidden in your heart
As if you have said something through eyes…
As if a lifetime has passed while we stayed awake
As if there is still life but the breath has stopped.

Every time we meet, it feels the same.
As if your eyes are asking me something…
While walking down a path,I get this feeling
As if your eyes are secretly watching me.

As if a moment contained in it a journey of ages
As if the life is passing by us very fast
I  use to think about you every time like this
As if my every breath was for you.

Till today I couldn’t learn how to finish a post perfectly . Sorry for that 🙂 😛 .

PS – Ye dukh kala dhan se sambandhit nahi hai. (This post is not related with black money.) 😀

High School Experiences

Hi all

…atr here !!

Yesterday night I was on Quora for some answers. There I saw a question asking

“How was your high school experience?

I want to share that answer here too ,what I have written there.

“I don’t know in which reference you are talking about, but I can say a few words about my time.

I was a very shy and silent type guy at that time. I used to stand near a particular mango tree in the interval time, with my 2 friends and used to watch the scenario of the government school having 1 banyan tree and 4 sacred fig (peepal trees) . I was somewhat like an ideal student who completes all his home works, comes in class at time, doesn’t bother, doesn’t cheat and so on. I was the class monitor BTW. Physics and maths were my favorite subjects.

Up to high school in every spring I used to fell in love with girls and as the month of may would reach , I found myself desperate with the things. But in high school, we were very afraid of the board exams so no time left for love. I studied honestly and sometimes dishonestly ( particularly in chemistry and social sciences) before the exams. I was disturbed by the dreams , let me say nightmare, of board exams. That was like follows .

I am sitting in exam hall having the question paper in my hand, what I see next is that all the things I have studied so far is nothing for this paper because not a single question is from that shit, what I have done so far. I started crying in the hall” and then woke up.

second was like that ,

“I woke up early in the morning, done some revisions , had breakfast and then leaves for exam with my cycle. What next happens!! I forgot the correct way to exam venue and wandering here and there in search of correct place. I am asking peoples for help but they were all silent like my voice is not audible or I am invisible, they are not seeing me anymore. When I have a look on my wrist watch (Till now I m much fascinated with watches) the time was going beyond 8:15 and the exam is scheduled to be start at 7:30 AM ”

These are some memories from that innocent times. When I remember these things I can’t resist myself to laugh.

I can summarize the above in few words. My experience was

Exciting, lovely , wonderful , sometimes horrible, nice friends who are with me till now and I expect they ll be in future too. I got a nice relationship with nature as I was introvert . I always miss my high school days . They were awesome, enjoyment with friends, love stories and all.”

That’s all what I have answered but there are a lot of things to say yet.

Madaari, Conspiracy and Hypocrisy

Hey mates,

atr here…

I have seen the Bollywood movie Madaari casting Irrfan Khan. what I  feel about is Madaari is really a movie giving hard slap on dirty politics and corrupt system, at the hypocrisy and also at the dual nature of normal faces. By stating an example let me start ,

In a department you can not opt the open courses from other departments, but yes your department is always fascinated to have the students from other departments. This is the hypocrisy. Now for dual nature  let me add a bit more, while orientation speech your HOD informs you about the qualities and facilities of the dept and he focuses more on this open elective system, but believe me you ll not able to get that opportunity.

In every administrative system conspiracy and hypocrisy are at apex, and the most unfortunate thing is that the victim of this shit and worse system are in general the common men. What I expect from the so called contractors of administration as well as the responsible authorities , don’t be electron yaar !! and stop the conspiracy.


Banaras Hindu University

Banaras Hindu University (BHU), not a chapter of my life, it is an introduction fr me. I have spent one third of my conscious life here, I am in it and it is and will be in me till the end of energy. Mahamana ko naman. Humanity, harmony,spirituality, nature and knowledge are a few to state, beyond these it has given much more. At the end of the day when I’ll conclude my life, BHU will be center of summary for sure. Memories will decay with time evolution,but the color of BHU on my soul will last longer than infinity. I can’t forget to convey my thanks to all mates, friends and all others. Going to miss you guys.


Department, friends, Physics and memories

Hey all    atr here ..

Yesterday , while leaving from lab at 5 pm I was feeling that I was about to cry , about to scream. That was the last moment of academic life with friends in class , in lab , and in department. Now the exams are waiting for us, but keeping that apart for a while , I felt I have lost something special, something important which I shall never be going to get.

A tough moment for me , an emotional time . The journey of two years master course is about to end. We all have learned some Physics , Philosophy , way of life and above all experiences of life.

On this auspicious  day , my birthday, I wish and pray to almighty He bless all my dear friends a happy , successful and brilliant life ahead.

I will miss you all upto my last , may be after that too, if possible.

5 years journey of BHU will be like golden moments memory for me through out the end of energy. phy







Hi all atr here

welcoming u all.

Just now I was visiting twitter and found a  video of a  local talent from pak singing a thumri “yad piya ki aaye “. That was fantastic voice , although I have listened it in Voice of Rashid Khan, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Ji, Ajoy Chakraborty but i searched for more and found more and more 🙂 .

let me put a stanza of that in English translated lyrics.

“Oh memories of my beloved haunt me! Alas, I cannot bear this grief! I am yet young but my bed is forlorn; my youth is passing by – Alas! The cuckoo, my enemy, coos his song. Bereft of my beloved, my heart burns. Yes, I am kept awake all night without my beloved! Alas!”

Now the question is ” Does grief bring forth song ?”

Answer is Yes and Yes.

Laments and dirges are expressions of grief in many societies. These are old ways from time immemorial.

Happy Navratri and Happy New Year to u all friends.

Keep enjoying , Stay blessed. Good night.


hey mates , atr here

its seems spooky to wake up at 9 am , being ready n going to attend  class,

but what if u get to know ‘class postponed ‘

hwz ll be ur reaction?

ohh about me ?

i feel  really crazy to spent a memorable time with friends in classroom .. 😛

hey i have a click .



today m happy  to know that my friend Abhisek started his new blog  .

fantastic intro 😛

ohh one more thing stay in touch , i ll post a new crazy stuff soon .

see u . 🙂




hey all  … atr   here

welcome u all .

” have u seen ur watch ??

u havn’t ?

leave it . feel free .. are u now comfortable ?

put ur hands on table .. see closely the clock on wall ..

what is the time ? can u see it .. nope ..

okay leave it. now u may go ..”

these are the words from psychiatrist to my friend Dev  .

m analysing the meaning . i ll find out definitely .

u may help 🙂 😉