High School Experiences

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Yesterday night I was on Quora for some answers. There I saw a question asking

“How was your high school experience?

I want to share that answer here too ,what I have written there.

“I don’t know in which reference you are talking about, but I can say a few words about my time.

I was a very shy and silent type guy at that time. I used to stand near a particular mango tree in the interval time, with my 2 friends and used to watch the scenario of the government school having 1 banyan tree and 4 sacred fig (peepal trees) . I was somewhat like an ideal student who completes all his home works, comes in class at time, doesn’t bother, doesn’t cheat and so on. I was the class monitor BTW. Physics and maths were my favorite subjects.

Up to high school in every spring I used to fell in love with girls and as the month of may would reach , I found myself desperate with the things. But in high school, we were very afraid of the board exams so no time left for love. I studied honestly and sometimes dishonestly ( particularly in chemistry and social sciences) before the exams. I was disturbed by the dreams , let me say nightmare, of board exams. That was like follows .

I am sitting in exam hall having the question paper in my hand, what I see next is that all the things I have studied so far is nothing for this paper because not a single question is from that shit, what I have done so far. I started crying in the hall” and then woke up.

second was like that ,

“I woke up early in the morning, done some revisions , had breakfast and then leaves for exam with my cycle. What next happens!! I forgot the correct way to exam venue and wandering here and there in search of correct place. I am asking peoples for help but they were all silent like my voice is not audible or I am invisible, they are not seeing me anymore. When I have a look on my wrist watch (Till now I m much fascinated with watches) the time was going beyond 8:15 and the exam is scheduled to be start at 7:30 AM ”

These are some memories from that innocent times. When I remember these things I can’t resist myself to laugh.

I can summarize the above in few words. My experience was

Exciting, lovely , wonderful , sometimes horrible, nice friends who are with me till now and I expect they ll be in future too. I got a nice relationship with nature as I was introvert . I always miss my high school days . They were awesome, enjoyment with friends, love stories and all.”

That’s all what I have answered but there are a lot of things to say yet.


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