Madaari, Conspiracy and Hypocrisy

Hey mates,

atr here…

I have seen the Bollywood movie Madaari casting Irrfan Khan. what I  feel about is Madaari is really a movie giving hard slap on dirty politics and corrupt system, at the hypocrisy and also at the dual nature of normal faces. By stating an example let me start ,

In a department you can not opt the open courses from other departments, but yes your department is always fascinated to have the students from other departments. This is the hypocrisy. Now for dual nature  let me add a bit more, while orientation speech your HOD informs you about the qualities and facilities of the dept and he focuses more on this open elective system, but believe me you ll not able to get that opportunity.

In every administrative system conspiracy and hypocrisy are at apex, and the most unfortunate thing is that the victim of this shit and worse system are in general the common men. What I expect from the so called contractors of administration as well as the responsible authorities , don’t be electron yaar !! and stop the conspiracy.



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