Department, friends, Physics and memories

Hey all    atr here ..

Yesterday , while leaving from lab at 5 pm I was feeling that I was about to cry , about to scream. That was the last moment of academic life with friends in class , in lab , and in department. Now the exams are waiting for us, but keeping that apart for a while , I felt I have lost something special, something important which I shall never be going to get.

A tough moment for me , an emotional time . The journey of two years master course is about to end. We all have learned some Physics , Philosophy , way of life and above all experiences of life.

On this auspicious  day , my birthday, I wish and pray to almighty He bless all my dear friends a happy , successful and brilliant life ahead.

I will miss you all upto my last , may be after that too, if possible.

5 years journey of BHU will be like golden moments memory for me through out the end of energy. phy







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