Hi all atr here

welcoming u all.

Just now I was visiting twitter and found a  video of a  local talent from pak singing a thumri “yad piya ki aaye “. That was fantastic voice , although I have listened it in Voice of Rashid Khan, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Ji, Ajoy Chakraborty but i searched for more and found more and more 🙂 .

let me put a stanza of that in English translated lyrics.

“Oh memories of my beloved haunt me! Alas, I cannot bear this grief! I am yet young but my bed is forlorn; my youth is passing by – Alas! The cuckoo, my enemy, coos his song. Bereft of my beloved, my heart burns. Yes, I am kept awake all night without my beloved! Alas!”

Now the question is ” Does grief bring forth song ?”

Answer is Yes and Yes.

Laments and dirges are expressions of grief in many societies. These are old ways from time immemorial.

Happy Navratri and Happy New Year to u all friends.

Keep enjoying , Stay blessed. Good night.


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