Monthly Archives: February 2016


hey mates , atr here

its seems spooky to wake up at 9 am , being ready n going to attend  class,

but what if u get to know ‘class postponed ‘

hwz ll be ur reaction?

ohh about me ?

i feel  really crazy to spent a memorable time with friends in classroom .. 😛

hey i have a click .



today m happy  to know that my friend Abhisek started his new blog  .

fantastic intro 😛

ohh one more thing stay in touch , i ll post a new crazy stuff soon .

see u . 🙂





hey all  … atr   here

welcome u all .

” have u seen ur watch ??

u havn’t ?

leave it . feel free .. are u now comfortable ?

put ur hands on table .. see closely the clock on wall ..

what is the time ? can u see it .. nope ..

okay leave it. now u may go ..”

these are the words from psychiatrist to my friend Dev  .

m analysing the meaning . i ll find out definitely .

u may help 🙂 😉